Is InboxDollars a Scam? We review it!

How does InboxDollars Stackup?

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make cash without having to leave the comfort of my own home. Survey Panels can be an excellent source of earnings provided that you find a Legitimate Paying Panel and not one of the many Scams out there. What grabbed my attention about Inbox Dollars is that they don’t bother wasting time with a Point system. Payment is in Cash, and they offer a Guaranteed $5 signup bonus!

Its a Great Start for newbies wanting to start with Paid Surveys however for an experienced user like myself, it tells me something more. It tells me that InboxDollars is Not a small time operation.

Let Dig a little Deeper, shall we?

Inbox Dollars is part of CotterWeb Enterprises Inc founded in 2000. Darren Cotter, its CEO is the same guy behind other leading Survey Panels in the Industry such as Inbox Pounds, Daily Rewards and Send Earnings. In 2017, At the Titans of Technology awards, He was Honored with the Auspicious Title of “Technology CEO.”

They have held a BBB (Better Business Bureau) Accreditation since 2012, and they currently have a rating of A+, which doesn’t get any better. They have enough clout to be seen on Good Morning America as well as other respectable online sites like Yahoo Finance.
To Date, they have paid out over $43 million in rewards to members and connected with essential brands like Netflix, Walmart, eBay, and Groupon. They have millions of likes of Facebook and over 60+ employees. OK, So its Creator checks out and so does the Company as its also registered with the BBB. Now its time to dive into the site itself.

Inbox Dollars pays cash for survey questionnaires and its a great panel for beginners.

Signing up with InboxDollars

The signup process was quite easy. I registered with my email address and created a password. I then confirmed my account via my email; This is all pretty straightforward. Then came to the profile page. I answered questions about my race, income earnings, my level of studies, the usual family questions about marriage and kids and some basic medical health information. All the questions answered were pretty much the same as the ones I get from other survey panels, and then I was prompted to watch a few small videos about a minute or so in length.

That was it, I then received a notification that the $5 bonus got deposited in my account!

Many Opportunities To Earn

InboxDollars reminds me of Swag Bucks in a way with their being quite a few different methods to earn from and not just the usual humdrum surveys. Cash will get credited into your account by completing any of the tasks below :

Logging in to the Site  

Doesn’t get any easier than that. You will 2 cents whenever you log in.

Filling out Paid Surveys

The surveys get targeted to what you entered in your profile on signup. Whenever one of them becomes available, fill them in and earn cash. The Surveys I came across Offered an average payment of $0.30 to $10 depending on the length or difficulty.

Playing online games

InboxDollars is Partnered with GSN Games family, Winster and others. The result is that they offer access to many of different type of games depending on individual tastes. Some of the game categories on offer are strategy and sports, A whole bunch of card and word games as well as 30-day game trials. It also a lot more fun to play games than to participate in any of the typical survey offerings.

Get Paid for reading emails

There are two ways to earn with emails from InboxDollars. Sponsored Emails pay $0.02 per email you receive and acknowledge. They are typically targeted based on the information in your profile as such they are based on your unique interests and not necessarily that of the typical Joe. These are a limited amount of these offerings per day. Paid Emails pay between $0.10 and $25. These get accessed by signing up on commercial offers from partnered retailers. There are a lot more of these available.

Make Money watching Videos and TV Clips

This section is great for those of you who want to sit back and relax while earning some money on the side. The Videos are entertaining and there a Ton of them. I’ve seen Funny Videos, Celeb Snippets, and some great cooking videos. You get Paid based on the length of the Videos, and there is usually pop up bonuses at the end.

Note: I would advise that you don’t switch tabs when watching any of the videos on Inboxdollars as it can cause the results to refresh resulting in you not earning for the clip just watched. Don’t stress though as the typical length of the videos is between 1 to 2 minutes.

Get Lots of Coupons!

Inbox Dollars is partnered up with the big coupon guys like Groupon and; as a result, the site is full with hundreds of printable retail outlet coupons and as a bonus Inbox Dollars will pay you an additional 10 cents every time you redeem any of your coupons from any of the physical stores. If you are keen on using Groupons for discounts on eating out and holidays, InboxDollars pays you back 5% for every Groupon you purchase.

Make Money Surfing the Web

By using the Inbox dollars Toolbar for searching the web instead of the standard Google search engine; you can earn easy money. That being said, This isn’t one of their more significant paying opportunities as you are limited to receiving $0.15 per day. They have an option to make InboxDollars search your default homepage so that whenever you start a search as you would usually do, you will earn money on autopilot. For every four searches you make, you will also get entered into a random sweepstakes competitions giving you the potential for further earnings. The toolbar also keeps you up to date on the latest surveys, trials and other earning opportunities. Its great but you won’t earn as much as you would with Swag Bucks search.

Get Cash Back When Shopping

Whenever you purchase something as you usually would, consider to get it through InboxDollars. They are partnered up with many respectable online retailers and product specialists. If you need to get, business cards printed or want to purchase an Antivirus like McAfee or even if you’re going to read an eBook, you can earn some decent cash back from InboxDollars if you are buying it through their partnered network of retailers.

Referring friends

InboxDollars Pays you 10% of the earnings for any people you get to join the site. Refer more Friends and Family and earn accordingly. They will also provide you with all the marketing tools like Banners and links to make it easier to get people to join.

Listening to the Radio

They have partnered with Radio Loyalty giving you access to hundreds on different radio stations. They pay you .01 cents for every 10 minutes of radio you listen too.


The Good


Instant Signup Bonus – When you sign up and Fill out your initial Profile, InboxDollars credits $5 into your account instantly.
Fantastic Rating with the BBB – They hold an A+ with the Better Business Bureau for Trust an Security.
You Earn Real Cash – Unlike Many other Survey Panels, InboxDollars offers to pay you in cash and not with an inconvenient point system.
Plenty of ways to earn an save money at the same time – InboxDollars has so many different unique opportunities to make money that at the very least it doesn’t get boring. The printable coupons for physical retail stores as well as discounts for online partners and cash back on Groupon purchases mean that you could save a ton of money over the long run.


The Bad


Cash out fees and no PayPal Support – At the time InboxDollars only offer to pay out members via Prepaid Visa Cards, Ecards for Popular Retailers or though Check. Members are charged $3 for every cash out request.

The site has not yet been optimized for mobile devices – I tried Filling out some surveys and through my smartphone without much success. It is clear that InboxDollars is not optimized for mobile devices. There is an Inboxdollars mobile app, but frankly, it’s missing quite a few of the feature that is available when logging in through a desktop PC.

Penalties for Inactivity – If you don’t Log in to your inbox dollars account at least once every week or so; you may find that they have penalized your account due to inactivity.


Final Thoughts

Inbox Dollars is not a Scam in fact if anything its one of the more respectable surveys panels around according to the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You can Earn Cash Through many opportunities, and you can earn even more once you unlock their gold membership level. They are similar to SwagBucks with the many earning offerings although they certainly don’t pay as well as swag bucks.



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